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Frequently Asked Questions - Membership and Admission

I. Becoming a Member

How do I become a Member?

To become a Member:
1. Join online
2. Complete an application form and mail it along with your dues to the Membership Department
3. Stop by the Admissions Desk at HMH
4. Call (713) 527-1616 during regular Museum hours

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II. Membership Levels & Benefits

New! Complimentary Admission Members will receive complimentary admission to galleries & exhibit halls.

New! Free Audio Tours for Members As an added benefit, members can enjoy audio tours any time they wish to take a tour of our main exhibit.

New! Complimentary Admission to Lectures & Films Members will receive a designated number of complimentary admissions to lectures or films based on their level of membership. This benefit starts at the Chairman level.

New! Guest Passes Sociability plays such an important part in museum-going, so much so that we want to offer our members the opportunity to bring guests to the museum or events. This benefit starts at the Chairman level.

New! Leadership Circle The leadership circle includes the top three levels of membership Guardian ($5,000), Benefactor ($2,500), & Patron ($1,000). These are levels of membership with exclusive membership benefits for special events and programming.

New! Senior Citizen Discount of 10% Any Level Seniors will receive (with the exception of the Ally level) a 10% discount for any level of their choice.

New! Military and Civil Servant Discount of 10% Any Level As an over-all thank you for their service, we would like to offer a membership discount to our servicemen and women who serve our country. Military and Civil Servants receive a 10% discount for any level of their choice.

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III. Questions for Admission

What should I do if I don't have my card when I visit?
When you arrive at the Museum, simply present a photo ID at the Membership Services Desk. You are encouraged to show your membership card and photo ID whenever possible, to be admitted more quickly.

Can I let my relatives or neighbors use my membership?
Your membership card and privileges are nontransferable. They are valid only for the person(s) named on the membership account.

When will I receive my membership cards?
Please allow 2-3 weeks after purchasing your membership for your cards to arrive. If you have not received your cards by then, please call the Membership Department at 713-527-1616 or e-mail membership@hmh.org.

I think I have lost my cards or never received them. What do I do?
Call the Membership Department at 713-527-1616 or notify staff at one of the Membership Services Desks. If you are certain you have lost your card, we will charge a $10 fee for any replacement cards.

How many cards do I receive?
When you receive your membership acknowledgement by mail, you will receive one card for the Ally or Individual levels and two cards for the Dual ($75) level or higher.

May I designate a secondary Membership card holder?
Yes! Starting at the Dual ($75) level and above, Members receive a second card in the name of a family member or friend of their choosing.

How do I upgrade my Membership?
You may upgrade at any time. Simply pay the difference between your current level of Membership and the level to which you want to upgrade and your new benefits are immediate! Just stop by our Admissions Desk during your next visit or call us at (713) 527-1616.

How long is my Membership valid?
Your Membership is valid for one year. Memberships expire at the end of the month in which you purchased your level of membership. If you renew before the month of your current expiration date then your 12 months of Membership will be added to your current expiration date and the benefits that you have will rollover.

How can I change my name and/or address and continue to receive mail from the Museum?
By providing your new name and/or address to the Membership Department by phone (713) 527-1616 or email Membership@HMH.org.

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IV. Guests and Event Passes (Only for Chairman level and higher)

How do I redeem my benefit of free guest and event passes?
You will be mailed your complimentary guest and event passes along with your membership card. Just bring your passes to our Admissions Desk and we will validate it so you or your guest can receive free entry.

Do I have to be present for someone to use the free guest passes that come with the membership?
No. The member does not have to be present for a guest to use the free guest passes.

May I bring a guest to members-only preview parties or other events?
All membership events - including exhibition openings - may be attended by the individual(s) only covered in the membership level. If you are at the Chairman level or higher, you may use your free Guest Passes on this occasion.

When do my free guest and event passes expire?
Your free guest and event passes are part of your benefits package as a Member. As long as your Membership remains active and you have not let it expire, then all benefits remain active. Once your Membership expires then any benefits also expire and cannot be retrieved or rollover even if you renew at a later date.

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V. Admission

How do I use my Membership cards for my free museums admission and discounts?
Upon arrival, simply show your Membership card or photo ID at the Admissions Desk and you will receive your complimentary admissions tickets and discount at the Museum Store.

Can I apply my admission tickets to purchase a HMH Membership?
Yes! During your same day visit you can apply museums admission to a new or renewing membership. Stop by our Admissions Desk with your receipt and we will help you calculate your savings.

Is there a time when admission tickets are reduced?
Admission is free of charge on Thursday afternoons between 2:00 to 5:00 pm. The Museum closes at 5:00 p.m. Please plan your visit to allow adequate time to tour the main exhibit and galleries. A complete tour generally takes a minimum of two hours.

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VI. Reciprocal Membership

Can I use my membership to get a discount at other museums?
Yes! At the Director ($100) level and above, you are entitled to participate in the North American Museum Reciprocal Program, which provides complimentary general admission free or member admission during regular museum hours and member discounts at museum shops and concert or lecture tickets. Please see the Museum Reciprocal Programs listing site for a complete list of participating museums.

Is my membership reciprocal with other museums in Houston?
At this time, there is not a level that provides membership to all the rich and diverse museums in Houston. For more information about other museums in Houston, visit the Houston Museum District Association Web site.

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VII. E-mail

Why does the Museum request my e-mail address?
For starters, to be green! Communicating with our members via our monthly e-newsletter saves the Museum printing, mailing, and postage costs, as well as a tree or two. Also members on our e-mail list are the first to find out about upcoming events, activities, and Museum news. It is the best way to remain up to date on timely Museum news. We do not share e-mail addresses with other organizations, and you may opt-out of this service at any time. Also, visit our Web site for comprehensive Museum information.

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VIII. Renewals

If I mailed in my renewal notice recently with payment but then received another notice in the mail, did you receive my payment?
It takes up to two weeks to receive and process a renewal payment. If you sent in your payment please disregard the second notice that crossed in the mail.

If I have mailed in my renewal and have not yet received my renewal confirmation letter, can I visit the Museum anyway?
Yes! Simply stop by our Admissions Desk. They will verify that your renewal has been received.

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IX. Events

Will there be "Member-Only" events?
Yes! Throughout the year, there will be several opportunities for members to visit the Museum at exclusive members-only events. Check out our member events page for upcoming activities.

How can I find out about members-only events?
Our events are advertised through member e-mails. An invitation is mailed for some events.

How can I stay informed about exhibitions, programming, and events?
The quickest way to check out all the fun is on our website's daily calendar. A periodic newsletter is sent to all members who share their e-mail addresses with us. Content includes information about upcoming events, breaking reports, and exhibition openings. It is the best way to remain up to date on timely Museum news.

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X. Matching Gift

My company has a matching gifts program. Is HMH eligible to receive the matching gift?
Yes! The Internal Revenue Service has identified HMH as a non-profit organization and, as such, is eligible to receive your company's matching gift. Please fill out the form you have obtained from your company. Matching gifts may be applied at any time during the 12 months of your membership. Please note that matching gifts are considered donations and may not be used to upgrade or extend memberships.

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XI. Gift Memberships

Can I give a Membership as a gift?
Absolutely! Memberships make great birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, or holiday gifts for family, friends, and/or business associates. Gift Memberships are available by calling (713) 527-1616.

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XII. Tax Deductibility

Are memberships tax-deductible?
Yes! Membership contributions are tax-deductible, to the extent allowed by law, in the following amounts:

Chairman ($198); President ($448); Patron ($824); Benefactor ($2,248); Guardian ($4,572). The Ally, Individual, Dual, and Director levels are fully tax-deductible.

You may decline benefits when making your gift for a full tax deduction. All gifts to the Holocaust Museum Houston are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. In compliance with IRS tax reporting laws, the amount of your charitable contribution is limited to the excess of your payment over the value of goods or services provided by the Museum. The Holocaust Museum Houston tax identification number is 76-0331398. You may decline benefits when making your gift for a full tax deduction.

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XIII. Special Membership Groups (Affinity Groups)

What is an Affinity Group?
In addition to the benefits you receive at your membership level, we invite you to join one of the museum’s Affinity groups. Each exciting group is comprised of individuals who have chosen an even deeper commitment to Holocaust Museum Houston through social networking, educational programming and service projects.

What are the HMH Affinity Groups?

  • Next Generation (ages 21 to 39)
    Next Generation is the HMH Young Professional group (ages 21 to 39) dedicated to promoting inclusion among individuals through preserving the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides and cultivating awareness of these lessons in contemporary society.

  • Art Circle
    The Art Circle at Holocaust Museum Houston is a group created to connect HMH members with artists and collectors engaged in social, political and/or human rights issues and to attract new members to join HMH through this group.

  • The Guild
    The Guild serves the mission of HMH with commitment and to unite members of the HMH community at large, through social, educational and service projects.

  • The Friends of the Library
    The Friends of the Library was created to connect HMH members and the Houston community with The Boniuk Library’s collection and resources. All funds raised by Friends of the Library will build the collection, increase visibility and expand public access to the collection.

Do you need to become a HMH member to join an Affinity Group?
Yes! A HMH membership is required to become a supporter of an Affinity Group.

How do I become more involved with the HMH?
There are several ways to be involved with the Museum. For example, you may wish to volunteer, become a docent, join one of the affinity groups, or donate to the annual fund. Please call the Membership Department at 713-527-1616 to share your interests. We'll be happy to recommend an area in line with your preferences.

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XIV. Questions?

My question has not been addressed here. How do I find the answer?
Please call the Membership Department during Museum hours or drop us an e-mail at membership@hmh.org. Membership office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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If you believe…
That too many of our children are immersed in a culture of violence and intolerance…

If you believe…
That education is unique in its ability to transform ignorance into respect for those who are different…

If you believe…
That prejudice and hatred can be overcome…

If you believe…then act!
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