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Curriculum Trunks

Thank you for your interest in the Holocaust Museum Houston Digital Curriculum Trunk Program.
ipad Trunks

For the 2018-2019 school year, there is no fee to borrow the trunks for up to three weeks. Each trunk contains a class set of iPad minis (30 total per trunk). Each digital device comes pre-loaded TWO iBooks written by the Museum’s education staff, “Power and Possibility: Exploring the Holocaust & Genocide,” an overview of the Holocaust and genocide with connections to literature and art; and “Life: Survivor Portraits,” a collection of photographs

and stories from local Houston Holocaust survivors. There are also links to appropriate Web sites, if your school permits student access to the Internet via outside devices. Additionally, each device holds EIGHT Kindle books, each of which are referenced in the iBook lesson plan.

Our digital curriculum trunks are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Schools outside the local Houston area are responsible for paying shipping.

The following literature pieces are available on each device (accessible via the Kindle application):

 Title Author
"Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction"  
Adam Jones

Ages 14+
"The Book Thief" Markus Zusak  Ages 12+

"I Will Come Back for You: A Family in Hiding during World War II"
Marisabina Russo  Ages 5+
Picture Book 
"The Journey That Saved Curious George"
Louise W. Borden and Allan Drummond  Ages 9+
Picture Book

"Number the Stars"
Lois Lowry  Ages 9+
"Salvaged Pages: Young Writers’ Diaries of the Holocaust"
Alexandra Zapruder  Ages 11+
"T4: A Novel" Ann Clare LeZotte Ages 10+
 "The Whispering Town"
Jennifer Elvgren
Ages 9+
Picture Book


Each school that participates in this program will be expected to complete evaluation forms by both the teacher(s) and the students. The trunk must be picked up at Holocaust Museum Houston during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.).

To request a digital curriculum trunk, please complete the Trunk Request Form and e-mail to trunks@hmh.org or send by fax to 713-942-7953, “Attention Trunks.”  

The Holocaust Museum Houston Curriculum Trunk Program is generously underwritten by the The Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the Eleanor & Frank Freed Foundation, the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission and the Sending Support Charitable Foundation. This program is also presented with appreciation to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) for supporting this educator training program. Through recovering the assets of the victims of the Holocaust, the Claims Conference enables organizations around the world to provide education about the Shoah and to preserve the memory of those who perished.

Claims Conference

For more information, call 713-527-1630 or e-mail trunks@hmh.org.

Request a Trunk!
To reserve a curriculum trunk for your classroom, download the Trunk Request Form below.

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