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30 Ways for 30 Days: Be an Upstander During Genocide Awareness Month

Stop Genocide
Many people say that it takes at least month to develop a true habit. Holocaust Museum Houston encourages you to use the month of April to develop the habit of being an upstander, a person who helps others when there is a need. Your actions can help to Stop Genocide. Starting Here.

  1. Visit Holocaust Museum Houston to learn about the dangers of prejudice, hatred and apathy.

  2. Practice being an upstander:  Build this habit into your life by doing something kind for someone else during this month.

  3. Visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's website to learn more about other genocides, past and current.

  4. Follow United to End Genocide on Instagram and Twitter to learn more about efforts to prevent genocide.

  5. Visit Holocaust Museum Houston's library to research genocide and human rights issues.

  6. Contact a corporation and its leaders to support conflict-free mineral production.

  7. Write an op-ed to your school, local, or national newspaper about a social justice issue that concerns you.

  8. Expand your universe - attend a program or lecture at a museum or public place that is new to you.

  9. Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948 by the United Nations. Select one right you wish to promote in your community and write a letter or volunteer for an organization that supports that right.

  10. Expand your universe - attend a program or service at a place of worship that is new to you.

  11. Write your member of the Texas State Senate or House of Representatives and ask him or her to support funding for the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission.

  12. Attend the lecture of Dr. Alex Alvarez on April 19th at Holocaust Museum Houston to learn about the connection between climate change and genocide.

  13. Research a local refugee group who lives in your community and learn how you can help.

  14. Host a donation drive for the Interfaith Ministries Refugee Program.

  15. Contact your local media and tell them you want better coverage of places at risk of genocide or related crimes against humanity.

  16. Follow Holocaust Museum Houston on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Repost events from the Museum and encourage your friends and family to attend with you.

  17. Volunteer your time at a charity of your choice.

  18. Spread the word about what you've learned with other community organizations.

  19. Read about urgent issues from the Enough Project and sign petitions on their website to take action.

  20. Don't buy "extras" one week - instead save that money and donate it to an international organization helping those in need.

  21. Write or call your member of the House of Representatives and Senate and ask him or her to support genocide prevention worldwide.

  22. Make your own butterfly to show that Hope > Hate. Post your message on Instagram and Twitter with #StandWithHope.

  23. Follow the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum "Preventing Genocide Blog" to learn more about genocide prevention.

  24. Be an active citizen by registering to vote or encouraging others to vote.

  25. Organize a book club discussion about a genocide-relate book.

  26. Tell us your story: Whether you're an activist, survivor, supporter or someone who simply cares deeply about these issues. 

  27. Visit the "Faces of Syrian Refugees" exhibit this summer at Holocaust Museum Houston.

  28. Plant a tree or flowering bush in your community in memory of the victims of genocide worldwide.

  29. Read the diaries of young people that experienced the Holocaust, such as "Salvaged Pages" by Alexandra Zapruder.

  30. Support Holocaust Museum Houston's efforts to educate and raise awareness about past and present genocides by becoming a member of the Museum.


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