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Product Name Medicine after the Holocaust From the Master Race to the Human
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Short Detail "Medicine After the Holocaust" is a collection of 20 manuscripts by presenters at Holocaust Museum Houston's "Medical Ethics and the Holocaust" lecture series.
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Medicine after the Holocaust From the Master Race to the Human Genome and Beyond

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Product Description: edited by Dr. Sheldon Rubenfeld

Some of the world's most influential scientists, physicians, educators and authors, including three Nobel Laureates, offered their views on some of the most challenging questions of modern medical, ethical, scientific, legal and public health policy in a public lecture series presented by Holocaust Museum Houston from Sept. 7, 2007 through Feb. 3, 2008.

The lecture series explored how the medical practices of the Third Reich continue to challenge modern medical ethics. Speakers covered topics such as euthanasia and the Human Genome Project, the lasting legacy of the Nuremberg trials, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and how the doctor-patient relationship has changed over the years since the Holocaust.

This groundbreaking work questions whether, since the best physicians of the early 20th century could abandon their patients, the best physicians of the 21st century can be certain that they will not do the same.

ISBN: 978-0-230-62192-3

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