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Music of the Butterfly:  A Story of Hope, by Ann M. Leis and Gail Danziger Klein, illustrated by Patricia Hardwick, is based on the memories of Gail’s mother, Holocaust survivor Renee Danziger. 


Narrating as a grandmother, Renee tells about her life before, during and after the war.  The book introduces the history of the Holocaust in a gentle way.  Renee explains that she used her imagination, hummed songs and thought about beautiful things such as butterflies to help herself cope when she was in the ghetto and Auschwitz. 


The story’s principal lesson is that of hope--that no matter how bad life may seem today, tomorrow can bring a better day.  Included are themes about bullying, celebrating differences and the life cycle of butterflies.   The book is written for children ages 9 and up.

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