Help us bridge the gap between remembering the Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust and conveying the relevance and history of the Holocaust to youth and adults in our diverse community.

Holocaust Museum Houston is a space of difference, a place where history and memory are mined and interwoven. The Museum’s physical presence and the capacity of its programs and exhibits invites visitors into a relationship, finding ways to open doors of possibility that provide entry points into a dialogue with a difficult past-and a conservation with the present-and the future. We consider how social justice and social responsibility connect and how these ways of thinking and acting increase the relevancy of the Holocaust in the 21st Century.

We need your help as we work to combat ignorance with education and replace disbelief and denial with proof. Please join us in support of this Capital Campaign so that we can draw attention to the reality of the Holocaust and other genocides and apply those lessons to present-day issues.

For additional naming opportunities, contact or call 713-527-1621.
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