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30 Ways for 30 Days: Be an Upstander During Genocide Awareness Month

Stop Genocide
Many people say that it takes at least month to develop a true habit. Holocaust Museum Houston encourages you to use the month of April to develop the habit of being an upstander, a person who helps others when there is a need. Your actions can help to Stop Genocide. Starting Here.

  1. Visit Holocaust Museum Houston to learn about the dangers of prejudice, hatred and apathy. Join a drop-in tour (12:30 p.m., 1:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday) or organize a group tour for 10 or more any weekday.
  2. Practice being an upstander: Sociologists report that people who rescued during the Holocaust often reported that altruistic actions were normal to their everyday lives. Build this habit into your life by doing something kind for someone else during this month. Try to do one act of a kindness a day!
  3. Learn about past genocides by reading the overview descriptions located at the “Resources” tab on the Holocaust Museum Houston website and visit the current issues page on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s website: www.ushmm.org/confront-genocide/cases. Post the link to these pages on your Facebook or other social media pages and get your friends to read them as well.
  4. Sign up to receive information about genocide via weekly e-mails from United to End Genocide here:
  5. Encourage your local library and/or bookseller to display books about genocide during the month of April. Need ideas? Check out our resource list on our website.
  6. Contact a corporation and ask its leaders to support conflict-free mineral production. Find out more about conflict-free mining from the Enough Project: http://ow.ly/KZtoQ
  7. Write an op-ed to your school, local, or a national newspaper. If published, send the link the education@hmh.org, and we’ll put it on our Facebook page!
  8. Host a screening of a genocide-related film in your house. Holocaust Museum Houston’s Laurie and Milton Boniuk Resource Center and Library has many titles you can check out if you are a member of the Museum.
  9. Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948 by the United Nations. Select one right you wish to promote in your community and write a letter or volunteer for an organization that supports that right.
  10. Write your member of the Texas State Senate or House of Representatives and ask him or her to support funding for the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission in the next legislative session. (Find your representatives here: http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/Home.aspx)
  11. Attend one of Holocaust Museum Houston’s events related to genocide this month and encourage your friends and family to join you.
  12. Sign this petition to President Barack Obama asking him to take action to end ongoing atrocities, recognize past genocides and work to prevent future genocides: http://ow.ly/KZKBN
  13. Read about what others are doing to confront genocide in their communities: http://ow.ly/L2tqm. Interested in planning a project in your community? Download the event planning toolkit from Moving Beyond Witness at http://ow.ly/L2Nw5. Email your ideas to education@hmh.org!
  14. Contact your local media and tell them you want better coverage of places at risk of genocide or related crimes against humanity. Visit their websites, call them and send e-mails providing feedback on their coverage.
  15. Follow Holocaust Museum Houston on Facebook (http://ow.ly/L2uTf) and Twitter (twitter.com/HMHou). Repost events from the museum and encourage your friends and family to attend with you.
  16. Make a personal pledge to prevent genocide on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s website:
    http://ow.ly/L2vI7. Share it with your friends and family.
  17. Spread the word about what you’ve learned with other organizations you belong to. Request a speaker from the museum for your school, church, synagogue, mosque or other group by emailing speakers@hmh.org.
  18. Read up about urgent issues from United to End Genocide and sign the petitions on their website to take action: http://endgenocide.org/take-action/urgent-actions/
  19. Adopt a genocide related book at Holocaust Museum Houston’s Laurie and Milton Boniuk Resource Center and Library: http://hmh.org/gv_Adopt_a_Book.shtml
  20. Write or call your member of the House of Representatives and Senate and ask him or her to support the passage of House Bill Resolution 154, the “Armenian Genocide Truth and Justice Resolution.” Find your Congressperson here: http://whoismyrepresentative.com/
  21. Make your own Moving Beyond Witness Hand. Post your message on Facebook and twitter with the hashtag #beyondwitness and tag Holocaust Museum Houston. Download the instructions here:
  22. Sign up to receive a monthly Genocide Prevention e-Newsletter from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum: http://ow.ly/L2we8
  23. Meet with your local, state or federal representative to inform them about issues important to you. Check out United to End Genocide’s “How to Lobby” guide: http://endgenocide.org/take-action/activist-resources/how-to-lobby/ Email us at: education@hmh.org and give us feedback about your visit.
  24. Organize a book club discussion about a genocide-related book. If you don’t already have a book club, plan a one-time event to read and discuss a book found on the resources section of our website.
  25. Tell us your story: Whether you are an activist, survivor, supporter or someone who simply cares deeply about these issues we want to hear your stories. Tell us why genocide prevention is important to you. Contact: education@hmh.org or tweet us @HMHou
  26. Visit the temporary exhibition at Holocaust Museum Houston, “The Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust: One Man Takes a Stand” in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.
  27. Plant a tree or flowering bush in your community in memory of the victims of genocide worldwide.
  28. Engage your community by collecting signatures on a petition to President Obama to honor the victims and survivors of past genocides and to protect those who are under attack today. Use this form from Moving Beyond Witness: http://ow.ly/L2Z9j
  29. Donate an age appropriate book on genocide to your local school or library. Need ideas? Check out the resources page on our website.
  30. Support Holocaust Museum Houston’s ongoing efforts to educate and raise awareness about past and current genocides. Purchase a year-long membership or make a one-time gift in honor of Genocide Awareness Month.


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