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Product Name There Is No Why Here
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Short Detail This catalogue is a product of the Holocaust Museum Houston exhibit of the same name.
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There Is No Why Here

Product Weight/Dimensions: 10 inches wide by 10 inches tall, 84 pages, soft-cover, copyright 2004

Product Description: by Karl P. Koenig

Concentration camps, particularly their physical structures, seized the attention of Karl P. Koenig for several years. His images, produced by his own unique process of gumoil photography, are a result of his experiences both with his family and at the remaining camps, as well as his interest in Holocaust history.

For Koenig, a clinical psychologist, questions about human behavior raised by the Holocaust never seemed to reach satisfactory conclusions. This catalogue is a product of the Holocaust Museum Houston exhibit of the same name. The title of the exhibit was taken from Primo Levi’s book “Survival in Auschwitz.” Levi tells of his encounter with one of the guards, who would not allow him to take an icicle to quench his thirst, at the concentration camp where he was a prisoner. When Levi asked why, the guard responded, “There is no why here.”

The catalog shows 36 photos from Koenig’s series “Remnants of Ten Concentration Camps,” which he took while visiting the camps with his wife. It was an emotional experience for them since members of his wife’s family perished at the camps during the Holocaust. Koenig wished to convey the visceral response that he felt while visiting the camps through his works, utilizing a photographic process he had created in the 1990s called polychromatic gumoil.

ISBN: 0-9659781-4-1

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