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Product Name Number the Stars
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Short Detail Winner of the John Newbery Medal, this novel is a riveting tale that sheds light on the Danish rescue of its Jewish population from the Holocaust.
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Number the Stars

Weight/Dimensions: 4 inches by 7 inches, 138 pages, soft cover, copyright 1989

by Lois Lowry

The evacuation of Jews from Nazi-held Denmark is one of the great untold stories of World War II. On September 29, 1943, word got out in Denmark that Jews were to be detained and then sent to the death camps. Within hours the Danish resistance, population and police arranged a small flotilla to herd 7,000 Jews to Sweden. Lois Lowry fictionalizes a true-story account to bring this courageous tale to life. She brings the experience to life through the eyes of 10-year-old Annemarie Johannesen, whose family harbors her best friend, Ellen Rosen, on the eve of the round-up and helps smuggles Ellen's family out of the country. Number the Stars won the 1990 Newbery Medal.

ISBN: 0-440-22753-4

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